Hypnogator release screaming new single ‘Little Jonny’

Formed at the end of lockdown, Hypnogator brings together a sound filled with modern heavy rock moments, old-school attitudes and a gentle spray of psychedelic tendencies. This group of South East London individuality has seen the stages of Camden Assembly and O2 Academy Islington, bringing energised performances with them.

Opening with a steadily building roar of guitar riffs and vocals, Hypnogator’s new single ‘Little Jonny’ suddenly bursts into a firework of distortion and heavy vocals, intense and gritty, the track flies through the music with angry, tight, and high-octane guitar riffs. Above the chugging instrumentation come dynamic lead vocals, embracing the energy of the ensemble below with an impassioned performance. Each scream from the guitar is a lightning strike and each hit on the drums is a bullet to the chest.

The band explain the story behind the release, adding, “This song’s a story about a time in Amsterdam that the band were being led on a bar crawl by a “professional party-goer” called Jonny. He continually lied, tried to cheat us out of money, tried to scam us, and kept trying to strip off in public, then when we wanted to leave he followed us begging us not to leave a bad review. He was 5’ 2” – we all know a Little Jonny.”

Check out ‘Little Jonny’ below!