‘Ice Giants’ Finds Maria Deirisarri Protective Over Planet and People

Maria Deirisarri details the importance of all relationships and encourages listeners to stand strong and know their worth on her newest single. 

Pop starlet Maria Deirisarri returns with an encouraging track about the importance of caring for the things you love, including people and the planet. Out now, ‘Ice Giants’ is a heartfelt song, radiating positivity and warmth vocally and instrumentally. Utilizing her trusty ukulele as per usual, Deirisarri explains that inspiration struck unexpectedly for this track during a uke improv session and morphed into a “song about unconditional love, friendship, family bonds and protecting the planet.” Despite it being seemingly difficult to morph the subjects of people while infusing an element of activism, Deirisarri does it with ease. After all, the fundamentals of taking care of something well translate from people, to pets, to things and of course, to our surroundings. In this way, Deirisarri’s lyrical profundity comes into play by layering different thematic qualities together. “I wanted to remind others that despite all of life’s troubles, life goes on. We can face it all together by encouraging each other and standing strong in our beliefs,” she says.