Iconic DJ and producer Rammor unveils dance-pop gem ‘Forget About You’

The scenes when DJs drop this in clubs across the world will leave you with goosebumps across your body. The new single from German artist Rammor is highly professional, polished and poised with personality, what more could you possibly want? Titled ‘Forget About You’, there’s no way you’ll be able to forget this track any time soon, and why would you want to? 

Finding inspiration in anything and everything, Rammor is heavily influenced by other artists’ music and performances. Constantly evolving to be the best version of himself, ‘Forget About You’ is the sort of track that would instantly fill a dancefloor. Ready to prove that he belongs on the stage of all the major festivals around the globe, ’Forget About You’ is a dance-heavy number that features hypnotising vocals, distinctive guitar melodies and a polished production. 

Speaking about the instant classic ‘Forget About You’, Rammor shares, “The song is about someone who didn’t value the precious and carefree time with a loved one. He realized too late what it meant to him and now he regrets it and can’t get over it.”