Indented Heads: Melbourne-based rock band releases debut album

Indented Heads, a grunge rock band from inner-city Melbourne, is making waves with their debut album, ‘Intrapartum‘. The band consists of high school friends Ethan (lead guitar), Charlie (bass), Matt (vocals and rhythm guitar), and Bayley (drums), who began their musical journey making noise in Ethan’s house.

Their eclectic sound is a fusion of punk, grunge, metal, new wave, old-school hip-hop, and alternative rock.
Intrapartum features a dynamic range of tracks, from energetic punk rock anthems to more melodic ballads, showcasing the band’s versatility. Initially intended to be an EP, the project evolved into a full-length album to better capture the energy of their live performances. With Matt, the lead singer, preparing to move to the Netherlands, the band felt a pressing need to complete the album before his departure.

Charlie, the bassist, highlights the band’s collaborative spirit: “Each band member really gets their time to shine, and you can hear the mix of our music tastes.” For fans of punk rock, grungy ballads, and loud, exciting music, Intrapartum is a must- listen. Indented Heads is ready to take the music scene by storm with their powerful debut—now available everywhere.