Indie-Rock band The Horn releases debut album ‘People Like Us’

London-based Indie-Rock band The Horn has unveiled their debut album, “People Like Us,” the 10-track record offers up a collection of tracks that as the title suggests aim to convey themes that resonate with the common human experience. From coming-of-age narratives to reflections on personal insecurities and observations on the world, the album is a journey into the realms of connection, solidarity, and mutual respect—all united by the powerful force of music.

“People Like Us” is a testament to The Horn’s dedication and desire to create a diverse collection of individual songs. As The Horn’s founder and bassist Nick True  expresses, “We wanted it to be a collection of songs that were individual as opposed to any kind of concept, genre, speed, vibe, or anything else, that each song was its own thing, so we hope people like it!”

The album incorporates the band’s notable 2022 releases, including the striking debut single ‘Passion,’ a nostalgic trip back to the impulsivity and excitement of early 20s. The title track ‘People Like Us’ serves as a subtle, meandering, and climatic anthem, bringing together those on the outskirts of polarising debates. It encapsulates the core message of the album—wanting acceptance from the world without conforming for that reason alone.

In addition to the previously released singles, new sonic gems like ’50 Years After,’ ‘Department Of Fate,’ and the focus track ‘Addicted To Love’ enrich the listening experience, completing the captivating narrative of “People Like Us.”