indie rock risers ‘The Slates’ unveil empowering new anthem ‘What Have You Done?’

Yorkshire’s own, The Slates, is poised to create a splash in the indie rock scene with their latest single ‘What Have You Done?’. Comprised of four close-knit friends, the band boasts Louis Barnes as the frontman, Joe Briggs as the guitarist, Jude Wales as the bassist, and Zak Oldroyd as the drummer. Driven by their unwavering passion for songwriting and a relentless desire to energize audiences, The Slates are ready to make a lasting impact.

Prepare to be mesmerized by their electrifying and soul-searching new track! ‘What Have You Done?’ beautifully captures the journey of personal growth, the art of moving forward from past relationships, and contemplation of the impact those experiences have on one’s identity. In their own words, The Slates expressed: “We believe this song holds a powerful message for countless individuals, and we aim to share it with as many people as possible. Discovering and embracing your true self is crucial for everyone and everything, and as a band, we constantly evolve to become better individuals and deliver more profound messages through our music.”

This latest release comes on the heels of The Slates’ skyrocketing success. The band has caught the attention of the public with airtime on BBC, electrifying performances at esteemed venues like the O2 Academy, and noteworthy appearances at renowned festivals such as YNOT Festival 2022 and Isle Of Wight Festival 2023. Their high-octane performances have graced iconic venues not only in Yorkshire but beyond, leaving audiences yearning for more.