IORA Releases Thought-Provoking New Single ‘Nylon’ via Kicker – OUT NOW

Indie electro-pop musician IORA is set to release “Nylon” followed by a trail of live shows to support the launch of this upbeat, compelling new single.

“Nylon” adds to the growing conversation surrounding mental health, acknowledging the pressures that inevitably accompanies challenging times. However, for a topic that has the potential to be somewhat difficult, IORA explores this through hopeful and cathartic music.

The track characterises everything an indie electronic-pop song should be: the instrumentation is detailed and layered, but the overall production is smooth, sleek, and masterfully contained. Not only does this make the track completely engaging, but it feels effortless. This juxtaposition between the intricate instrumentation and silky production also cleverly reflects the theme of the song itself, as IORA explains, “Nylon is about a battle between internal opposing forces”.

The drums and bass are the main driving factors in the song, but the vocals and samples are just as enticing, working together to create an indie-disco feel.

Just as the track finds its balance sonically, IORA urges listeners to try and find their emotional balance, specifically when navigating their mental well-being and identity. As the lyrics detail “I’m both the tyrant and the survivor“ and “let the silence sing, let the quiet ring out”, it’s clear that IORA empathises with the complexity and uncertainty that can come with tackling mental health struggles, whilst explaining that, ultimately, it can only be faced with acceptance and understanding.

IORA is set to take the stage with her band live in Manchester and London throughout June and, perhaps most excitingly, will be performing “Nylon” to the crowds at the Croissant Neuf stage at this year’s iconic Glastonbury festival.