IOTA PHI releases captivating debut album ‘Homo Pauperis’

Greek Art-pop artist IOTA PHI releases her highly anticipated debut album ‘Homo Pauperis’. A mix of dazzling soundscapes throughout, ‘Home Pauperis’ once again showcases IOTA PHI’s insatiable creativity, captivating musical ideas and innovative experimentation. 

The lead single for the album ‘Luna Moth’ perfectly encapsulates IOTA PHI’s work, engaging dance beats under thick sub bass, atmospheric arpeggiators and IOTA PHI’s dreamy lead vocals coupled with cinematic production quality, that results in a type of unsettling euphoria that’s hard to place.

speaking about the lead single, IOTA PHI shares: “Luna Moth is about the journey of life, the metamorphosis. We move 7000 miles away from home thinking our problems will vanish. We meet people thinking we can/they could change us. Life is an odyssey, we return home when we’ve shushed the sirens and have escaped the Lotus-Eaters.” 

Inspired by ideas of identity, post-humanism and Greek mythology, IOTA PHI has honed and mastered her own unique style across ‘Homo Pauperis’. Thematically, the album discusses changes in the human race, taking a dystopian-futuristic look at the discovery of a new species. The 10-track album conveys these themes throughout, mixing harsh dystopian with delicate ethereal soundscapes through a bold palette of sentiments and rhythms. This results in a diverse sonic expression of tracks that bring together fascinating, multifaceted sounds which encompass elements of experimental-electronic, EDM, alt-pop and r&b.