Irish Artist ‘Eimhin’ Releases New Single ‘The Lough’ Ahead of Homecoming Tour

Irish artist Eimhin has been living in Australia since he was a child. His new single ‘The Lough‘ is the next step in his creative chapter as he looks back at his roots and reflects on his past, specifically the passing of his Grandmother.

In The Lough, we discover more about the family history as Eimhin sings in beautiful fashion accompanied primarily by an acoustic guitar. The song starts on a downbeat note, then growing and climaxing towards the end with a rush of emotions. Stunning backing vocals stand out from the second verse, followed by strings, and energetic drums, washing us away with cymbals but keeping us under his control at all times.

Eimhin has a vision, that much is clear. His non-prescribed taste in gender fluid fashion and image is what you would expect from a major label artist, so we can envision big things for him.

When asked about the songs, he says:

“The Lough” is about the nature of my grandmother’s death, but it’s about my mother too, and the secrets we keep to try and protect each other. It was just a little piano melody at first. I remember there was this small upright piano in the function room of an old lawn bowls club I used to work at. I would go in there and play it everyday on my break, even though I didn’t really play piano, for a long time this tune was the only thing I could really play!

Be sure to check out the artist below and support him on his journey!