Irish Singer and Songwriter Anthony Byrne Finds Liberty In His Latest Lo-Fi Track, ‘Chasing’ 

Moving to Limerick from Donegal was exactly what Anthony Bryne needed in order to discover his true musical journey. A period of self-discovery through coronavirus lock-down helped the singer-songwriter to explore his true personality without the continual influence of the modern world and its vices. A self-professed queer spiritual person, understanding love and life from his alternative eyes gives us a unique insight. Having graduated in Music Technology from Limerick Institute, Anthony Byrne fuels a lo-fi style of sassy beats and elemental melodies. The music is written with the heart to lift listeners out of their personal downward spirals and allow a flourishing of good vibes through catchy rhythms and harmonies.

It begins with a heavy bass that thumps in as a smooth melodic vocal begins. A chatty verse bumps up against the drums and merges into a grabby chorus. The major key soars on the composition in unique and comfortable lines. Effects works to make a stylistic sound that feels recognisable at the first instant. An easy-going positivity keeps the marching forward facing as electronica massages the beat in rumbling strokes.

Out today, listen here:

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