Issara Unveils The Soulful Tapestry Of Latest Single ‘Home’

Emerging artist Issara is set to captivate audiences with her upcoming debut album ‘222’ coming on February 22, 2024. The new single ‘Home’ serves as a testament to the unique blend of retro and soulful flavours, drawing inspiration from her multicultural upbringing and diverse musical influences.

Born Emilie Harnsongkram, Issara’s musical journey reflects both her birth in Bangkok and upbringing in Seattle by her Thai father and French mother. Her music seamlessly weaves together soul, pop, rock, gospel, French yéyé, and Thai funk. Having started singing at the age of 3, Issara quickly ascended to various stages, joining choirs and gospel groups leading to an early solo career with collaborations alongside producers and artists including Illoquint, Jonny Durango, Emilio Santiago, and MC Solaar.

“The song ‘Home’ is a cozy, nostalgic ballad with a gospel spark” explains the artist. She goes on to say “It’s about love and long-lasting friendship. It talks about a woman who is ‘home’. Having moved to different countries and continents several times in my life, I’ve learnt that home isn’t a place, it’s the people. The gospel vibe is a tribute to my American church roots where I started to sing.”

Having previously shared the stage with legends like Earth Wind and Fire Experience and performed at festivals such as Papillons de Nuit and Rock in Evreux, Issara’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

“In a world where music genres constantly evolve, it’s refreshing to see an artist like Issara, who infuses her unique style into the timeless genre of Soul.” says Lionsground Entertainment.

Whilst also being a recent mother of two, she hopes to be a beacon of hope for those pursuing their passions later in life. As she gears up for the release of her highly anticipated debut studio album produced by Jack Bowman, Issara is excited to share her new emotively driven, soul filled release ‘Home’ with the world and empower others to blossom in their own time.

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