Italian Artist MPM Producer Drops Genre Bending Album

Hailing from Cagliari, Italy, MPM Producer is a modern musician who produces and mixes his own work. His newest album London Chronicles is a genre bending thrill ride that fuses Italian hip hop, hard rock and punk. “I want to make music, in an original way, because it makes me feel good,” explains MPM Producer.

The album features the singles ‘Venom‘ and ‘The Conformist‘. ‘Venom‘ features MPM Producer rapping in his native tongue before switching to English on the hook. “It was harder to do the Italian raps after the English ones,” MPM explains, “Changing languages may result in a change of mood for me, but I tried to avoid that.

The Conformist‘ finds MPM Producer taking jabs at other rappers and conformists in general. “Basically, I’m making fun of the average person who doesn’t have any proper desire or aim, so he dreams what media or famous people tell them to dream,” he explains, “I’m also making fun of the 90% of rappers outside, describing a gangster lifestyle and the people who really wants to be like this.

MPM Producer spent ten great years in the punk rock band Wallcrush while completing a degree in electronic music and sound engineering. He spent the next few years in his own studio, composing and recording music for various projects before starting his own project, MPM Producer!

Album Track Listing

1) Venom
2) Roller Coaster
3) The Conformist
4) Match
5) Joker Freestyle
6) Bleeding
7) Quarantine Thoughts
8) Kalandra


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