J-Carter unveils music video for ‘Own Your Skin Tone’ alongside Genieve

Based in New Jersey, J-Carter is crafting immersive hip-hop tunes that resemble the genre’s classic era in the 90s, while still sounding contemporary and fresh. Starting to write lyrics at the age of 13, the talented rapper is transcending hip-hop by mixing it with other genres, among them R&B, country, pop, rock and even blues. Spanning over an impressive 38 tracks, his fourth studio album ‘Hip-Hop Till I Die’ saw him take his sound to the next level, while enlisting a stunning list of features.

Arguably one of the album’s standout tracks, “Own Your Skin Tone” speaks to J-Carter’s dedication to his art and his heritage. Featuring a stunning vocal performance from Genieve, it combines luxurious melodies and hard-hitting drums, while J-Carter’s vocal delivery is as infectious as ever. Enjoy the music video for “Own Your Skin Tone” and stay tuned for more music from J-Carter.