Jack Dawkins reveals new single “Becoming”

Jack Dawkins’s musical ability shines through on his new track “Becoming.” Instrumentally, the track features a heavy hitting drum beat that smashes through the mix, with atmospheric synths that ebb and flow in between. The track is a simple but infectious offering and this is showcased within Jack Dawkins bars. His smartly-penned lyricism and irresistible flows work hand in glove with each other.

Speaking further about the track, he shares: “This project was a true mind-meld between me and my producer, Senz. Colorado has a HUGE electronic and bass music scene, where Senz does most of his work. He brought the soundscape, and I crafted the lyrics to fit into this new world. The result feels less like a mashup or hybrid and more like a new genre. We’re just beginning to explore the union, but if this is where it starts, I can’t WAIT to see where it goes.”

“‘Becoming’ is going to be the first track that I can start bringing to DJs to incorporate into their sets, and I’m really excited to get their feedback.”

Jack Dawkins hails from Boulder, Colorado. Most importantly, Jack loves stories; whether it’s telling them, writing them, shaping them, or crafting them. Jack gets energized by helping others examine and rewrite their own personal narratives as well as being an artist in his own right.

Speaking further about his musical influence, Jack shares:

“I’m in Boulder now but originally grew up outside of New York City, which is where a lot of my musical influence comes from – Boom Bap is a sound that I cannot quit. I did my undergraduate studies at Harvard before going into restaurants, which would be the first of many non-traditional pivots that I would make in my life. The time in restaurants is relevant because it framed my thinking into that of experience – I want to know what it feels like to listen to my music.  Where is the listener physically? Emotionally? In life?”

“Live performance is a central point of motivation for me.  I make music to create live experiences that people will never forget. And I’m happy to get on stage anywhere and everywhere that I can, shaping each one to fit the venue and the audience.”

An exciting talent for sure, we can’t wait to see where Jack Dawkins will take this.

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