Jack Howard unveils hazy new single ‘Another Day’

Portsmouth-born, London-based rising star Jack Howard brings bold and soulful writing to each of his releases. Alongside a feature on BBC Radio 1 Future Pop for his recent track ‘Circles’, the artist has seen an exponential rise in his live scene stock, selling out Prince Albert and Colours Hoxton and securing upcoming places at The Great Escape, Wild Paths and Sofar Sounds.

Now looking ahead to his debut EP release, Jack Howard is enticing further notability with the teasers for ‘All Things That Came Before’, set to be a mesmerising first major project.

The most recent look through the keyhole at this project is the new single ‘Another Day’, a track drenched in intricate arrangements and a gorgeous nostalgic haze, whilst remaining an exciting and unique addition to Jack’s catalogue. Built on a foundation of competing electric guitar lines, Jack’s vocal introduction is supported by a warm keys accompaniment and a rhythmic drum pattern, that knows exactly when to pull at the listener with a sharp rimshot crack.

Before you’ve completely come to terms with the luxuriant ethereality of the track, you begin to notice a steady growth grasp the arrangement, with the vocals becoming more empowered and delicate melodic introductions creating a celestial chorus. The sound then bursts into a firework of a climax, the vocals becoming an almost gospel chant above the vibrant instrumentation. To put it simply, Jack Howard is an artist you need to have on your radar.

Jack dives into the release, adding, “Another Day is about hope. This song is about someone I love overcoming addiction. When I was younger sometimes all I needed was hope that the sun would come up and a new day would begin. Even now I still wake up extra early so I can sit in the silence of day break. When I wrote this song I needed to be hopeful that it was all going to be okay. I hope this song gives you a little bit of me!”

‘Another Day’ is out now, check it out here!