Jack Louis Cooper reveals his refreshing new track ‘Lying Low’

Following on from the success of his 2020 EP ‘A Slow But Sure Corner’, Jack Louis Cooper has made his highly-anticipated return with ‘Lying Low’, a smooth and highly addictive offering. Jack takes the summery, indie sound we know and love and creates an entirely new angle with guitar driven melodies and an introspective and heartfelt vocal delivery, uplifting the listener. 

Discussing the new single, Jack Louis Cooper shares: It was at the start of 2021, deep into the third lockdown in England and I was back at my parents house when I started writing Lying Low. Having been reflecting on the last year and my own mental health, lyrics started to come together about being stuck overthinking in your own head and trying to process what was going on in the world. Musically I wanted to create something driving and catchy as I was dreaming of playing live again with a full band. It made Lying Low this mixture of introspective lyrics and a song that needs to be played live.”

Jack Louis Cooper is known for writing songs that are an open conversation about important topics such as mental health and his outlook is certainly a refreshing contribution to the alternative scene.

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