Jaël shares personal thoughts in new album Midlife


Jaël, Swiss singer-songwriter just released her third solo album, called “Midlife” and will embark on a tour in the spring of 2023. The album is a deeply personal reflection of Jaël’s life journey, including her experiences as a working mother of two who understands that perfection is not always necessary.

Jaël has reunited with her former band co-founder and producer, Luk Zimmermann on one of the songs, “To miss you“, marking the first time they have collaborated since the breakup of their band, Lunik. The double album, produced by Cyril Camenzind, features new songs, exclusive photos, personal thoughts, and a b-side with live recordings from the last tour.

As usual, listeners can expect Jaël’s warm, melancholic voice, which is accompanied by fragile piano ballads or driving guitar songs, as well as polyphonic vocals that are enriched with dabs of xylophone and kalimba. The songs have been specially arranged for the tour and will be performed live in an intimate setting with a small line-up.

“Midlife” is Jaël’s most comprehensive work to date, written mostly during Covid, in which she shares important scenes from her life and we’re happy that she shared it with you.

More from Jaël: https://jaelmusic.ch