Jamws drops new album “Soft”

Singer-Songwriter Jamws crafts infectious music whilst maintaining his distinctive sound. Jamws’s sound pays homage to the likes of War On Drugs and Japanese Breakfast, but he merges and intertwines his own unique sound in between. His music flows straight from the heart. Speaking about this, he says: “When I write music I try not to think too much about a template. I like to think ‘what does this song need?’ or ‘what world does this song live in?’ It was important to me to have space for full band and solo arrangements, as well electronic producer-y stuff. Artists like Prince, Paul McCartney as well as The 1975 gave me a lot of confidence to try all kinds of arrangements and not feel restricted.” 

His latest offering comes in the form of album “Soft.” A 10-track release, “Soft” will be sure to pick the listener up and take them on a journey with the title track of the same name featuring lo-fi drums, understated guitars and captivating vocal lines.

Speaking about the album he says: “Soft is about the pains of a growing heart, it’s a break-up album, it’s about grief and trying to heal, it’s about dying to be seen but afraid of intimacy. The album came at a time in my life where I felt very vulnerable – I was dating for the first time, I started therapy, the pandemic happened, life was different and I had to keep moving. 

Here’s hoping that Jamws continues his upwards trajectory!