‘Jar Of Blind Flies’ ignites alt-rock scene with explosive new single ‘Not Your Baby’

Brighton’s alt-rock powerhouse, Jar Of Blind Flies, unleashes their latest sonic onslaught with the explosive single ‘Not Your Baby.’ Recorded at the esteemed Marshall studio by industry veterans Adam Beer and Ollie Brightman, known for their work with the likes of Nova Twins and Kid Bookie, the track showcases the band at their most intense and high-octane yet.

Having earned their stripes supporting notable acts like Hotwax, Snayx, and Sickjoy, Jar Of Blind Flies is no stranger to packed-out venues across Brighton and London. Now, with ‘Not Your Baby,’ they’re gearing up for their biggest hometown show yet, supporting electro-punk renegades CLT DRP at Club Revenge.

‘Not Your Baby’ is a sonic tour de force, blending heavily distorted guitars, rumbling basslines, and pounding drums to capture the raw energy of the band’s electrifying live performances. Lead vocalist Maddy’s urgent snarls and drummer Marley’s dappled screamo add layers of intensity, while delivering biting sarcasm and bitterness.

Delving into the lyrical depths of ‘Not Your Baby,’ Maddy elaborates on its themes of modern-day affection and consumerism of pleasure, saying, “Its amplified phrasing of affection is the manifestation of ‘loving by proxy’ bred by modern society’s click and collect love.”

Listen to ‘Not Your Baby.’