Jboi masters the art of fast-paced production on his new track ‘MY ATTIRE’

Punchy, energetic and to the point, Jboi’s eclectic beat-making is putting him on the map, and his new track ‘MY ATTIRE’ is one to remember. Featuring a cranking and twisting heavy bass at the forefront of the mix and sassy, female vocals, ‘MY ATTIRE’ is sure to get you squirming in your seat to the beat of the retro drum-machine sounds. At just one minute and 46 seconds, Jboi is well and truly dropping the mic with this track.

Describing the new single, Jboi shares: Capturing the essence of the 80’s/90’s & teasing my upcoming EP ‘Staccato Sounds’, confident, sassy & playful female vocals weave between thick synth bass & 90’s planet rock 808s for an electro-breakdance/hip-hop-dance sound with a modern twist.”