Jeffrey Oliver releases R&B infused single “Buggin”

Jeffrey Oliver is a Stockholm-based artist and producer that is back with an irresistible R&B-infused single. Simple but effective drums reverberate energy around the mix, whilst heartwarming synths ebb and flow in between, on top his vocal lines are silky smooth and wrapped up in irresistible melodies. Written by Jeffrey Oliver and recorded by Frank Moses in Losertown studios, the track has an ability to fuse unguarded moments with playful grooves.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, he said,“I just had to make a song about this as a lot of people are buggin’ when me and Frank are in the studio. People don’t seem to understand the time and effort it takes to create a song. So this is literally just a song based on people that keep calling me about stupid shit like going out or to go shopping. I just want to make music, that’s it.”

From his debut track in 2017 to several singles and two albums released independently through his label Losertown, Jeffrey Oliver has traversed various genres moving from emo-rap to R&B/Hip Hop aided by his intimate lyricism and polished production skills. Now having found a space for himself in the vast music scene, this rising talent is set to forge strong connections through his musical tales.

“Buggin” will be accompanied by an official music video released on October 20th,2022.