John Roseboro drops acoustic track ‘Mere Mortal’

Calming and dreamy, singer-songwriter John Roseboro unveils his newest lo-fi gem ‘Mere Mortal’. Tapping into our innermost fears and desires, the single is lyrically both introspective and relatable. Taken from his forthcoming album ‘Human Nature’, the record steadily flows, making for the perfect addition to your easy-listening playlists. Stripping everything back and allowing himself to be authentic and raw, John wears his heart on his sleeve, so prepare to be enchanted. 

John notes: “The song is about wanting something to live (and die) for. It is the first single and opening track from the upcoming debut album “Human Nature”.

Accompanied by some particularly poignant and haunting visuals, John tells an intricate narrative that both questions and explores the idea of humanity, and will undoubtedly have you hooked from the get-go. As John continues to share his moving messages with the world, ‘Mere Mortal’ has given us a good idea of what to expect from his unmissable new project. Be sure to keep an ear out.