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Jon Hopkins returns with ‘Emerald Rush’ from new album

British producer Jon Hopkins has been in the lab for a long while cooking up the follow-up to his breakthrough Mercury nominated 2013 album, Immunity. His fans have had to be patient to allow him to perfect his interstellar techno tunes over the years, but that has paid off today as he releases the stunning new single ‘Emerald Rush‘.

Picking up where Immunity left off, with antigravitational beats and pristine synths, Hopkins takes us into a crunchier and more jagged realm as ‘Emerald Rush‘ progresses. The same elements are still there, but with a harsher contrast between the twinkling beauty and the solid slabs of noise.

Emerald Rush‘ sounds like a whole world in itself, but in fact it is just one small part of the overall picture, which will be coming in the form of the new album Singularity on May 4th. As a primer for what’s to come, ‘Emerald Rush‘ certainly does a beautiful job; compelling and engrossing, making you yearn for more as soon as its over. Listen below (and check out the full, unedited version on streaming platforms).

Singularity will be released through Domino on 4th May, and can be pre-ordered here. He’s also added more live dates to the end of his extensive summer outing – check that out here.

Rob Hakimian

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