Josh Remi releases debut album ‘The Interval’ featuring single ‘C8’

Josh Remi has managed to weave together a solid, unique, and cutting-edge signature style by taking elements of dance, R&B, pop, and underground urban influences into a modern and of-the-moment sound. And it is undoubtedly getting him noticed. It is a sound that gives power and purpose to his debut album, ‘The Interval‘, a collection of songs inspired by his actual life. As such, the message and themes found in it are personal to him and relatable to the listener, taking in everything from love to loss, the highs, the lows, light and shade, and everything in between.

Like many artists, he has used the process of making music as an act of redemption, expressing and examining essential elements and events of his life, turning difficult moments into a sonically rich and lyrically upbeat album.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, his current single from the album is entitled ‘C8’, a track that embraces the unique musical blend he has forged and indulges in his passion for cars.