‘JUICE’ is the spicy new RnB single from London artist DXINX


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Continuing a successful 2023 release streak with the two hit singles ‘Beside Em,’ and, ‘Gxmesmind,’ DXINX adds a third single of the year into the mix – ‘JUICE‘, is a grooving, trap driven track flaunting DXINX’s gorgeously melodic RnB vocals and extravagant lyricism. The song came to fruition one night when DXINX was in a ‘writing mood,’ and based ‘JUICE,’ on true events she had experienced, spiced up in dramatic fashion to give the track its incessant shock value. It is rich in infectious melodies and crisp production, paired with a daring narrative which boasts DXNIX’s love for, ‘writing lyrics that other people might not want to write.’ Yet another remarkable addition to her already impressive discography and certainly not one to miss out on.

Hailing from the UK’S thriving capital, DXINX (pronounced DAH-EE-NAH) is a London-based Singer/Songwriter currently taking the UK music scene by storm. Formerly known as Dainá, DXINX has independently garnered a devoted following of over 500,000 in recent years. She embarked on a new branch in her musical journey when she dropped the A’s from her name, rebranding herself as a fresh artist. This reinvention was catalyzed by the release of her EP titled ‘FIN,’ a deeply personal project that delves into the intricacies of her past marriage and the reasons behind its bitter ending. In her musical evolution, DXINX embraces a more unfiltered and authentic sound compared to her earlier persona as Dainá. She skillfully pairs classic R&B vocals with the contemporary rhythms of trap and drill beats, creating a refreshingly new sonic experience. DXINX is following her own, self-made creative path, one that promises to introduce a fresh and unprecedented sound to the UK.

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