Just finished binge watching The Queen’s Gambit? Chess player and singer Juga di Prima will be your new favourite artist

One of the biggest breakout shows in 2020 was Netflix’s The Queen Gambit. Thrilling audiences worldwide and inspiring people to learn chess, Juga di Prima has been doing this for years. Since 2017, Juga has brought together her two passions, music and chess, compositing and recording multiple chess-themed songs as well as highling the magic of chess and the legendary champions involved. 

Considered by chess pros and fans as ‘the best chess song ever written’, “Oh Capablanca” is a visionary track that showcases Juga’s talents. A force to be reckoned with within each industry, this artist is showcasing that you can be inspired by many different avenues, and still create something unique and innovative. Looking to step further into her career this year, 2021 is set to be Juga’s biggest year to date. Championing women chess players and their achievements from 1930 to the present in an audio-visual event called ‘Chess Diva’s, the series will be featured on Norwegian Television ‘TV Norsk’ and online media.

“Chess is a mirror of life, a treasure of humanity” Juga di Prima