Jvanz shares new single ‘Reach Into Myself’, with debut NFT going live to auction on Thursday, 16th of September

Up-and-coming Canadian talent Jvanz just unveiled his latest single “Reach Into Myself,” following up his earlier 2021 releases “Ritual” and “Dumb Your Boyfriend.” Bringing together infectious dance rhythms and an intimate vocal performance from Jvanz, “Reach Into Myself” holds a very special meaning for the artist, that he aims to expand with the release of his debut NFT, which is going live to auction this Thursday the 16th of September on Jvanz’s website.

Aiming to visually depict the journey from darkness to the light, the 1 of 1 digital art piece is wonderfully connected to the single and will be the first of many NFTs Jvanz will be sharing. Incorporating an exclusive audio clip into its 3D-rendered visual loop, the NFT has been brought to life under the guidance of the legendary team at MoneGraph. Owners of the exclusive digital piece will be given access to footage from its behind-the-scenes creation, as well as be provided early notice of the upcoming series of NFT collectibles that Jvanz will be releasing. Additionally, 5% of the final NFT sale price will be donated to the charitable organization “1% For The Planet”.

“I wanted there to be no face or features, just the light that represents beauty within a person, the magic of their soul. Most of us only fall for what we see at first sight. It takes a deeper look and reaching into yourself to really see the beauty within a person for who they truly are,” says Jvanz about the digital collectible. “I’ve realized one’s true beauty and energy lies within and sometimes we need to ‘reach into ourselves’ to find that.”

Jvanz is certainly at the highest point in his career right now, and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. His persistence and consistent attempts at making a career out of music have finally become fruitful, as he has now received praise from massive tastemakers such as Lyrical Lemonade, Rolling Stone, YourEDM, and many more. The talented artist started refining his singing skills as early as 12 years old, uploading originals and covers on YouTube. Later, he and his close friend Mohammed started uploading trap soul freestyle videos on Instagram under their platform MoJo, earning viral success and providing Jvanz with his first taste of what it feels like to make it in the music industry.