Kael Alden Shares New Music Video for ‘Shiver;

Kael Alden is fresh off the back of release of his stellar debut LP Saturated Highs.  We covered his song How Can You Sit There? which was immersive experience and an attack against the political systems in place today. The rest of the album continues to expand and develop on similar themes sonically, while experimenting with different themes lyrically, showing that Alden is not one to be pigeon holed creatively – and why should he be – as a human who experiences different feelings throughout the day.

The album does seem as though it is a reflection of his feelings, like a diary that been thought out and embedded into songs, one after the other, bringing us to another place. His visuals have been a constant throughout, and the self-directed music video for Shiver is no different. It is synergetic with the Kael’s sonic pallet as though the song was made for the video rather than the other way around. It also seems to typify what the album is going for – cinematic in all forms. Roger Deakins would be proud!

Check it out below!