KAIS returns with deeply melodic ‘Spirit City Kiss’

KAIS’ latest single ‘Spirit City Kiss’ shows the Cyprus based artist’s versatility yet again. This indie rock effort showcases a more upbeat, melodic take on his usual gentle and tender style. Lending itself to the heyday of Britpop, especially in the production, the track feels nostalgic in all the right ways. This is mirrored perfectly in the lyrics, which reminisce about the city and encourages you to make it relate however you can. 

The melodies KAIS creates are so meticulously structured so that they work perfectly in allowing the song to drift along, also giving it a feeling as though it never stops, as it constantly progresses on. This also brings a feeling of comfort, which again encourages the listener to relate the song to themselves and gives it a deeply personal feel. 

With an EP due for release in September, 2021 is going to be an exciting year for KAIS and if ‘Spirit City Kiss’ is anything to go by it is going to be positive, nostalgic and melodic.

Words by Daniel Phillips

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