KALA CHNG drops atmospheric album ‘STAR’

Bristol based artist KALA CHNG has revealed her brand new album ‘STAR’ today, and it is not to be missed. Delivering 12 songs that each carry their own individual flair, ‘STAR’ takes you on a musical journey from start to finish and will keep you hooked. Reflecting on the shift in relationships and life during the pandemic, the project blends introspective meaning and powerful pop melodies with a Chinese twist. 

Pulling from a multitude of genres, KALA CHNG blends organic, oriental sounds and cinematic soundscapes to create something really stand-out. Serving up her own distinct flavour, ‘STAR’ is an eclectic and energising album that encapsulates the artists’ sound perfectly. 

Speaking on the new album, KALA CHNG shares, “The theme of the album is; We are all stardust, we are all stars, we are all connected. It’s a message of love, hope, joy, forgiveness, community and possibilities, that I wrote over the last two years. Each song is from a different moment in those 2 years, listening to and witnessing the world around me.”

Take a listen to the wondrous project below: