Kamran Ramsden drops unique indie-rock anthem ‘Unfortunate Star’

Kamran Ramsden is a pure example of an artist on the rise. Going through the growing pains of becoming of you who want to be as a musician and a person is something the biggest of stars have had to go through, and Ramaden comes to the fore in new single ‘Unfortunate Star’. In a track that sparks so much intrigue, there are definitely remnants of the great David Bowie in Kamran’s writing.

A real retro 90s MTV feel to it, he delves into the notion of knowing there is going to be disappointments in love and in life as you go through it, and Ramsden seems to go way beyond his ears in that respect which is more than impressive. ‘Unfortunate Stars’ is for fans of all lovers of indie, rock, and that little bit of nostalgia that we all crave. Check it out now.