Katie Kim releases chilling but beautiful new album ‘Hour Of The Ox’

Katie Kim is an artist that has a wealth of experience. Her previous releases have attracted a large fanbase and have all been received incredibly well. However, the Dublin-based artist has tried to improve even more and is on a mission to take the listener on a captivating, new journey throughout her latest offering. Written and recorded while in the process of moving to New York and subsequently mixed after returning to Ireland during the pandemic, ‘Hour of the Ox’ is a melting pot of different genres and inspirations.

Tracks such as ‘Mona’ and ‘Gentle Bird’ are some of the albums thicker sounding tracks. Moody drums cut through the mix, as synths and basses swirl around each other, creating a hauntingly beautiful wall of noise. On top lies Katie Kim’s vocals which are soft and delicate, but raw and expressive, keeping us on the edge of our seats. Tracks such as “Golden Circles” are cinematic masterpieces. Whilst having minimal instrumentation, Katie Kim manages to keep us enticed in her world with background music that churns around each other, creating a chaotic but tranquil moment.

In the artist’s own words – “Hour of the Ox is a collection of quiet moments that began alone, in flow, that were then generously reconstructed and reinforced with TMT steel. A sort of time capsule recorded over a period of time that was unforgiving and vengeful.

‘Hour Of The Ox’ will be released on 9 September on limited edition vinyl with exclusive pre-orders available here. The album launch takes place on 10 September at The Button Factory in Dublin. This will be Katie Kim’s only headline Dublin show for the rest of 2022, tickets are available at Eventbrite.