Katrina Burgoyne Brings Her Love Story To Life in New Music Video “I Wanna Get Away With You”

Katrina Burgoyne’s music video for her song “I Wanna Get Away With You” leaves her audience wanting to run away and fall in love. The music video compliments the song so well, and really brings the song to life through the visual of a video. The warm tones seen on screen also suit the warm tones played by the guitar in the song. This is the perfect summer romance song, and between the song and music video, the perfect country duo. 

You can watch the full video here: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE27bRDlb34


The whole video feels very comforting and charming at the same time. The couple pictured are attractive, the band is high energy, the activities shown are fun, and the feelings feel genuine. The video portrays love and passion exactly how Burgoyne sings about it in her country hit. 


The scenery within the video keeps the attitude high. The video matches the lyrics, but not word for word, which gives more of a creative outlet. Burgoyne is telling a story; It’s really fun to see the story jump from the couple to her with the band, the point of view is really great to watch. The swaying and playing instruments to sweetly smiling and being close to each other really sets the tone and keeps us interested. 


This video is even more special when thinking about the meaning. The song is a story about how Burgoyne and her now husband’s relationship. The couple in the video have big shoes to fill, and it seems like they do a great job of helping the lyrics really come to life. The whole song is an ode to their relationship, and it has to be the sweetest thing we’ve ever heard or seen. 


We have a few questions for Katrina and her “I Wanna Get Away With You” video: 


Q: What message did you want to send to your audience through the video?

I wanted to perform with a band as I’ve never done that in a music video and tell a great love story. 


Q: If you could describe the mood or aesthetic of the music video in a couple words, what would they be?

Sunshine, Love, Happiness, Love Story


Q: Did you have any inspiration outside of the song itself when creating this music video?

I wrote the song about meeting my husband in a bar on Broadway. He asked me out for dinner and we dated for 3 weeks before I flew home to Australia. A month later he called to ask what I thought about him coming to visit me. We spent a week in Australia traveling together and fell in love. Our story inspired this song. It’s about getting away with stealing someone’s heart.


Q: What was the creative process like? Did you have a visual upon writing the song?

I wrote this song in 2020 via zoom. My Husband produces my music and music videos. Our only visual for the song and the music video was a camera… as my husband photobombed me to introduce himself. We wove the camera through the music video.