Keekai to release a momentous new single ‘Thunder’

Keekai, the rising star of the music industry, is about to release his highly anticipated single ‘Thunder’. This new track marks a significant evolution in his musical journey, blending nostalgic elements with modern soundscapes to create an otherworldly experience. ‘Thunder’ is a perfect balance of authenticity and innovation, showcasing Keekai’s rich vocal design. The song’s intricate synth work, featuring delicate arpeggios and powerful chord stabs, harmonises beautifully with Keekai’s voice, creating an ethereal atmosphere that envelops the listener in a journey. As the ensemble fades away, listeners are left in awe, reflecting on their anthemic experience.

Reflecting on the emotional depth and intention behind his upcoming EP, Keekai shares, “This EP coexists with trauma and love. It is fabulous, broken, funny, and triumphant. All the in-betweens. At once, lost in the understanding of love, but now finding power in its grand capacity to love. To be able to exist in these two modes and to find power in them is what makes this new iteration of my music so alluring and true. It is intentional in its practice of self-love and the romance of others. It is a voice that giggles, swoons, begs, cries, and yearns. A voice that wants love and is surrounded by it.”

Keekai is a Filipinx singer and songwriter who embodies fearless expression and energy. Growing up, Roberto was heavily influenced by Manila’s disco scene and Japanese city-pop, both of which are evident in Keekai’s music. His music is a fusion of powerhouse R&B vocals and modern electronic production, creating a unique sound that captures both heartbreak and acceptance. Keekai quickly made a name for himself with his fearless expression and energy. His previous releases have resonated with fans and critics alike, earning him recognition in the music industry.

With this new single, Keekai is poised to solidify his position as a standout artist. Keep an eye on Keekai’s social media for updates, and don’t miss the magic of ‘Thunder’ on June 14th.

‘Thunder’ is out now!