Kina Makes Streaming History With Lo-Fi Sensation ‘Get You The Moon’

At the age of 24, Naples’ own Kina has made music history. The producer has become the first Italian artist to reach one billion streams on Spotify with an original song. From releasing his production on Soundcloud to being a global sensation, Kina’s music brought lo-fi and bedroom pop into mainstream charts for the first time. 

Featured on the track is vocalist and writer Snøw, whose tender vocals sail over the strumming guitar and synths. The collaboration of these two lo-fi powerhouses resulted in a track that swept the music world by storm. ‘Get You The Moon’s journey began as a self-released song on Soundcloud. Picking up speed on the streaming service, it quickly found its way onto social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. ‘Get You The Moon’ was a track the internet could not ignore and sparked an incredible amount of challenges and viral trends on the platforms. Inundating For You pages and viral clips, major labels started catching on. The song was re-released through Columbia Records on its rise to fame and propelled Kina to new heights as he brought lo-fi pop to the forefront of the industry.

The song’s gentle and melancholic atmosphere resonated with its listeners, captivating an audience new to the subtle power of lo-fi. The unique flavour of Kina’s production brought to the mainstream a new sound; very few lo-fi producers have seen the global success and recognition that Kina has earned himself since its’ release. Kina gave the world a glimpse into his relationship with lo-fi in his 2020 YouTube documentary series ‘Asleep In A Dream’, in which he says,

“I didn’t look for fame, success, or clicks. I just wanted to express myself”.

Whilst Kina’s motivations may have been self-expression, his signature blend of lo-fi pop continues to resonate with billions of people across the globe. With over twenty platinum discs worldwide, Kina has made groundbreaking history with this release. Since, Kina has released a multitude of releases since, including his latest album ‘kinamood’. It’s a showcase of his signature moody soundscapes and features collaborations with other incredible artists. And we won’t have to wait long to hear even more, with Kina set to release new music this year.

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