Kinck’s Latest Single “Play With It” Highlights the Power of Indie Artists

The Denmark-Senegalese music sensation Kinck released her new single “Play With It” on June 28th, capturing her journey as an indie artist. Known for her unique blend of heavy beats, quirky melodies, and snappy lyrics, Kinck (Stine Manda Kinck) continues to make waves in the global music scene from her base in Copenhagen.

“Play With It” is a reflection on the challenges and rewards of being an independent artist. Kinck explains, “Sometimes being an indie artist can be really tough because you have to do everything yourself as you’re not working with the same big budgets that the labels are.” However, she views the skills she’s acquired as a superpower, allowing her to create music without industry pressures dictating what’s relevant or cool.

In 2024, Kinck received the Danish Art Foundation’s work scholarship and has been involved in various initiatives supporting women and gender minorities in music. Her new single is a testament to her resilience and creativity, solidifying her place as a powerful voice in the music industry.

Listen to the single HERE