King Sagz The Dreamer brings something entirely new with ‘Oye!’

Toronto-based, Trinidian artist King Sagz The Dreamer effortlessly proves his creative prowess on his debut single ‘Oye!’.

A melting pot of genres, ‘Oye!’ is an uplifting anthem wit a feel-good video that spreads King Sagz The Dreamer’s message even further. With trap beats, nods to reggae, R&B and rap, and a skilfully, inherently Trinidadian flow, ‘Oye!’ is the perfect welcome into the world of King Sagz.

Speaking about the creation of the tune, Sagz himself says: “When I wrote this tune, I was really going through it, man. But I could tell there was a change for the better happening in my brain. I was attempting catharsis by talking about the less-than-great stuff as usual, but I also found myself writing about hope for the future—to the point where the chorus became a battle cry of self-belief. Regardless of commercial appeal or whatever, this had to be the first single. It was the birth of King Sagz and the “hello, I love you guys, let’s find our best selves together” outlook that’s become such a big part of my life.” 

After a difficult period in his life, King Sagz healed with mindfulness and music- and we’re so glad he did.

‘Oye!’ is out now!