‘Kingdom of Heaven’ is the Christian ballad of hope by Little Archer Worship

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Acclaimed christian songwriter and musician Little Archer Worship returns to unveil her latest single ‘Kingdom of Heaven‘, featuring Christin Hart and standing as a personally momentous point. This song shines a light on an inspirational figure in her life, her late mother who passed away last year and left a lasting imprint on the family. She was a person of strong faith and extraordinary wisdom, influencing not only her enduring music career, but her unwavering faith in God. Little Archer Worship recalls the song’s process in her own words, “It was so emotional writing this song and bringing to life something we shared – telling the story of the most powerful message of all – that there is a Kingdom of Heaven..We can approach His throne and ask for forgiveness and if our heart belongs to the King of Glory, we will see Him and our loved ones.. I know we will meet again”. This latest ballad spotlights this artist’s talent in moving her listeners with cinematic arrangements and crystal clear vocals . Discover Little Archer Worship and her latest single ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ on all streaming platforms.

If there’s one thing that Little Archer Worship can deliver, it’s a selection of unforgettable ballads and an unshakable Christian faith. Also known as Yvette Charmaine, this musician is on a mission to make a spiritual impact on listeners and shows no signs of stopping. Now, she has a number of powerful singles under her belt, collaborating with the likes of Nashville producer Sam Hart, and singer Christin Hart on her most recent projects; her previous single ‘Until You Break the Storm’ achieved Semi-Finalist status in the UK Songwriting Contest. Little Archer Worship certainly combines talent with an unstoppable spirit. To stay updated on her journey, we recommend following using the links below.

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