Koh-Dee captivates on new studio album ‘Forgotten Gems’

Over the last few years, emerging producer Koh-Dee has stood as one of the more distinctive names on the rise right now. With a wealth of diverse outings under his belt already, he returns to the fold once again with his captivating new studio album ‘Forgotten Gems’.

Bringing back more of that rich and illustrious sound he has found so innovative in recent years, ‘Forgotten Gems’ continues his rise as one of the more compelling names on the scene right now. Brimming with a bold and inventive flavour at every turn, this is one release you don’t want to miss.

Adding about the LP, he said, “This is my album, containing 16 of my all-time favourite tracks that I’ve ever produced, alongside various friends of mine – which have been released over the past 8 years (from around 2015 – 2016 to now). This is the project that I’m most proud of, which consists of a very unique story about a boy (me) who travels through life, meeting girls here and there – getting into relationships, falling in and out of love, expressing his destructive emotions through his trap-styled beats, and experiencing the sadness of loss. Forgotten Gems is my ode to the world, for allowing me to continuously express myself through my art. “Don’t Forget” was the first ever album that I released (in 2016), which was the first message that I wanted to send
out to the world – to not forget me, as an artist and person.”

Listen to ‘Forgotten Gems’ in full below.