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Kojey Radical drops huge new track ‘If Only’

Kojey Radical has shared a militant new track titled ‘If Only‘.

The rapper broke out in 2017 amidst an array of excellent records and unforgettable live shows but, as Clash points out, below the surface of his success was struggling with mental health issues.

Channelling his previous experiences on the new track ‘If Only‘, Kojey has shared a painfully gripping new offering. “I’ve got flesh wounds bigger than you,” he raps over a distorted trap-style beat. Listen below.

Speaking about the track and his experiences, Kojey explains:

Despite how easy it is to keep up appearances I struggled with depression heavily last year. I came out the other side more hungry and more passionate because the ability to create and express myself literally saved my life. This year I want to make the most empowering music about my sadness. I want people to not be afraid to feel. I want people to use my music as a safe place and feel energised. Some times being able to speak up can make all the difference…

James Cooke

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