Ksenia embraces her Russian roots with the pop-rap hit ‘Girl from the Forest’

Born on the outskirts of a Russian village, pop star-in-the-making Ksenia made it to LA and is ready to take the music scene by storm! Her collaborations with major label writers and producers, numerous awards for acting and 400K+ social media fans make her a force to be reckoned with.

Following her 2020 4-track EP, ‘Uncrushed’, Ksenia is back with the hilariously infectious rap single, ‘Girl from the Forest’. With this track, Ksenia celebrates her Russian roots, showcasing the fresh sounds of traditional Russian instruments and folk melodies layered over irresistible dance beat. While the lyrics make it 100% clear that Ksenia is ‘the girl from the forest,” her vocal precision and timing suggests she has hip hop in her blood. It’s a trendy, hip and intoxicatingly hypnotic track that you’ll want to keep on repeat. Get ready to dance – and laugh – as you sing along with Ksenia, “I’m not from the city I’m that girl from the forest / Where I’m from we got a lotta dudes named Boris.”