LA-Based, Louisville-Hailing singer shares his very first single ‘Going Home’

Rodney Cox

Rodney Cox Jr’s latest track ‘Going Home’ is about moving to the big city but still keeping your southern traditions and values no matter how long you are away from home. His song conveys it in a refreshing manner. “I wanted to make a feel good song that everyone could relate to. From the rich to the poor everyone has moments that they’d rather be home instead of a place where they don’t feel appreciated or comfortable, so why not make a song about it?” says Rodney.

He recently started his music project after having success in the film industry. He was working on a film with D. Smoke and Drake McCain where he realised he wanted to pursue a career in music. He knew he wanted to do a style that blended all of his influences growing up such as Michael Jackson, Tim McGraw, and Drake. In the track, you will hear upbeat pop elements with a country flair where it can appeal to both audiences while still staying mainstream with its catchy chorus.

Rodney is currently working on new music with plans of releasing his second single at the top of next year. He hopes to put out a few songs and eventually perform around the city. Be sure to follow him on social media for updates!