Lainey Dionne shares the unmissable single ‘Skin’

American singer-songwriters come a plenty and often, but there’s something completely different about what Lainey Dionne brings to the table. Delivering a haunting but all the while soft vocal, with familiarities such as Lorde and Halsey very present, Lainey reminds us all about our insecurities in ‘Skin’. Only fresh on the scene it seems, with only a debut single to her name so far, this sophomore release is paired back, but all the while beautiful sonically. The acoustics combine perfectly with Dionne’s vocals – soft but assertive with direction. “I’m a stranger inside my skin only playing pretend” is a line that will play on repeat in your head all day long, and rightly so. Look out for this sensational pop outfit in 2021.

Lainey explains the process behind ‘Skin’: “Skin is about what it feels like to be in a toxic relationship. You are hiding your depression & you don’t know how to get out of the relationship, it’s a cycle. You’re “only playing pretend” that you’re okay while on the inside, no one would even recognize you. You’re in denial about how deeply hurt you are and are a stranger to yourself.”