‘Language’ sees Eiza Murphy deliver her trademark vibrant vocals, as each verse keeps us captivated as they flow alongside infectious beats

Written by Eiza Murphy and produced by her sister Lenii, ‘Language’ is about not being able to pick up signals when someone is flirting with you.

Eiza wrote this song with her sister the day after a night out when she was oblivious to clear signals from someone.

It’s now a running joke within her friend group that she can’t pick up on body language.

With that, Eiza and Lenii were able to start and finish creating this song in three hours.

‘Language’ begins with an stirring soundscape and then Eiza delivers her trademark vibrant vocals, with each verse keeping us captivated as they flow alongside infectious beats.

The track sonically pulls from r&b/soul and rock influences, making it both powerful and soulful.

The blend of vintage and modern styles is evident through the use of Led Zeppelin themed verses and the anthemic pop chorus.

Eiza explains that this was one of the fastest songs she has ever written.

“My inability to flirt and pick up on signals really is a running joke between all of my friends, so it was one of the easiest songs for me to write.”