Laptop Singers lead us into a special moment to treasure forever on ‘Are You Ready for Love?’

Laptop Singers is a Gothenburg, Sweden-based electro-pop duo who are known as highly regarded pioneers who are always evolving their sound.

Are You Ready for Love? is a soft pop/soul/electro song about the search for the things that really matter in life.” ~ Laptop Singers

Consisting of the creative brothers Lars and Per Andersson, Laptop Singers join forces with the much-loved vocalist Roger Arvidson to make something so romantically charming here. Each note has been made with a ray of crisp sunshine that has you sensing that candles need to be lit right away, at a time that is just perfect for that ideal evening of passion. 

Are You Ready for Love?(feat. Roger Arvidson) from Gothenburg, Sweden-based electro-pop outfit Laptop Singers is a sweet song that feels like it has been hiding away in a vault for 30 years. Made with a purpose and a love that is quite tremendous, this is an experience that is perfect for two lovers who are ready for the next step in their relationship. Sung with a majestic beauty and combined with an elegant production that has been made by an expert team who have percolated the aura rather brilliantly, this is a track to truly swim in like it’s a summer day to remember. 

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Reviewed by Lu