LDRDO teases debut album with bright new single ‘Light My Fire’

With a sound that showcases a vast songwriting influence, blending funky grooves, Turkish psychedelic sounds and Greek tones, LDRDO emerges with strong individuality. The moniker of Tel-Aviv songwriter David Levi, LDRDO first emerged in 2020, before releasing his lauded debut EP ‘Lost In The Fire’ the following year.

Over a year after his previous single, LDRDO now returns with the new single ‘Light My Fire’, a nostalgic and soulful introduction to his debut album ‘On The Road’. Within the instrumentation lies full, echoey drums, rich bass lines and gleaming chord accompaniment from organ, piano and guitar. This energy feeds into the lead vocal, LDRDO delivering a stirring and expressive performance that sits back into the laid-back funk of the backdrop. Danceable and passionate, the track burst into a bright climax of a chorus, with a catchy hook performed with an almost chant-like choir of vocal harmony illuminating the soundscape.

LDRDO shares, “I would say that this track tells the part of the story (track 5) which the protagonist is in the middle of his journey and is dealing with old memories and past experiences that makes him feel down and like he’s “losing his mind” and in pain, but he calls for that spark of inspiration to “light his fire”. So the song has a positive message to keep your head up and stay strong, and can relate to dealing with mental health issues  and depression.”

‘Light My Fire’ is out now, listen here: