LDRDO unveils debut album ‘On the Road’

After steadily pulling back the curtain on vivid teaser singles that excited fans, LDRDO has unveiled his debut album, ‘On the Road’. This project is immediately emotive, a testament to LDRDO’s ability to transform his feelings into captivating musical experiences. Each track on the album embodies a natural essence, authenticity, and humanity that make each performance all the more captivating. From bright, optimistic melodies to darker, introspective soundscapes, LDRDO’s expressive use of vocals and instruments creates a unique auditory journey. The choice of instrumentation is refreshing, featuring organ flourishes, raw dancefloor synthesisers, and fuzzy guitar distortions that surprise and delight.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the album, LDRDO shares, “‘On the Road’ is a concept album based on my semi-autobiographical journey after a crisis and my decision to refocus my life. Taking the same title from Jack Kerouac’s legendary book, this piece is heavily influenced by American road stories alongside my home culture in the Middle East.”


Pronounced El Dorado, ‘On the Road’ marks the latest project from music producer and songwriter David Levi. The album has been eagerly anticipated in his hometown of Tel Aviv and on the global stage through indie press. Levi’s music showcases a soulful blend of funky grooves, Turkish psychedelic sounds, and Greek tones, merging his cultural roots with contemporary sensibilities. With the success of his first EP, ‘Lost in the Fire’, LDRDO established himself as an emerging talent. Now, ‘On the Road’ cements his position as a serious artist to watch, promising more innovative and heartfelt music in the future.