LEAP shares a personal narrative on mental health on his new track ‘Potions’

Delving deep into his time in a psychiatric ward and the concoction of treatments and medications that LEAP singer and songwriter Jacky Balfour Scott was subjected to on the daily, ‘Potions’ turns his difficulties with mental health on its head for an intense, alt-rock anthem for anybody who should find themselves in a similar situation. LEAP’s deeply personal brand of music is a refreshing addition to the music scene, with live shows that feel like the beginning of a powerful movement.

Discussing the new track, LEAP shares: “Potions is a song I wrote about addiction and the different vices people take to escape their own disturbed thoughts. Feeling disconnected from the world and the people around me is something I’ve struggled with living with bi polar leading me to different forms of self medication but using music as an outlet has helped me conquer some of these demons. I hope anyone out there struggling can take something positive away from the song”

With support from notable tastemakers and an army of fans that are ever increasing in number, the LEAP experience is something truly special.

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