Legendary hip-hop artist ‘Bootie Brown’ announces new project with release of latest single ‘Suddenly’

Legendary Hip-hop artist and producer Bootie Brown has just released his latest single, ‘Suddenly’, following the success of his previous collaboration with the Gorillaz on ‘New Gold which also featured Australian rock band ‘Tame Impala’.

In ‘Suddenly’, Bootie Brown ventures into a new electronic-focused sound, collaborating with vocalist ‘Amy Correa Bell’ and co-producer Les Les. The track serves as the first offering from Brown’s ambitious ‘UltraHipFunkWave’ project. Combining electronic elements with funk and RnB influences, the song delivers a smooth and captivating sound that is undeniably groovy. Additionally, Brown has exciting plans to release a remix of the track in the coming weeks.

Bootie Brown elaborates on the inspiration behind ‘Suddenly’, describing it as a track that instantly sets you in motion upon hearing it. He aims to showcase his skills not only as an artist but also as a talented writer and producer.