Legendary hip-hop duo Abstract Mindstate return with latest single ‘True Story’

With seeds rooted deep in hip-hop’s evolution, the genre’s original male/female duo, Abstract Mindstate, returns with their upcoming single ‘True Story’.

With a beat co-produced by Young RJ of Slum Village and the talented Dave Audinary, ‘True Story’ is a timeless blend of classic hip-hop and soul-filled melodies to tease the anticipated release of Abstract Mindstate’s upcoming album. Featuring smooth, jazzy vocals by artist Simthandile Mtolo that intertwine with the duo’s signature adult-contemporary rhymes, the song tells their true story about their growth through the betrayal by those they thought they could trust. It brings a modern twist to old-school hip-hop.

Consisting of duo members E.P Da Hellcat and Olskool Ice-Gre, Abstract Mindstate has left a legacy in hip-hop’s evolution. Known in the industry for their hard work ethic and collaborations with some of the genre’s leading artists, the duo was on the way to a seemingly promised breakthrough career. However, things took a turn as the music industry falsely strung them along. This disappointment led to a 16 year hiatus, but the duo is back stronger than ever. Abstract Mindstate even has a documentary titled ‘We Paid, Let Us In! The Legend of Abstract Mindstate’ which was produced by Emmy-Award winning producer Trizonna McClendon). Abstract Mindstate will also perform as special guests to Slum Village on their European tour starting early April ending in early May.

Olskool Ice-Gre even mentored Kanye West in his journey of transitioning from being a producer to becoming a solo artist, their last album ‘Dreams Still Inspire’ (2021) has the unique distinction of being the only album to have been solely produced by Kanye West.